Falling into Autumn

Hey Redgirl-ites:
We will be playing the Fernie Arts Station on October 14th, so come on out for some great tunes.

Grey Creek Hall, BC

December we will be sneaking in a few Christmas Shows.
Come have some nibblies and hum along as we play in Canada’s only letterpress Workshop/Gallery in Fernie.

Fernie's New Letterpress Gallery

We are now booking gigs for 2012…contact us for your event!

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One Match Fire now available!

Thanks for everyone one who came out to make our CD Release a success! The new album is hitting the stands now, we’ll keep you posted as the reviews begin to pour in.

For now, you can purchase the album online at DigStation, very soon on iTunes, and order from us here. For more information about the album check out our albums page.

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Might see a few of these around town….

any questions?
feel free to contact us
call KEY CITY THEATRE for tickets 250.426.7006 , info@keycitytheatre.com

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Album Going to Press…

Happy to report things are clicking along and we are getting ready for the cd release on June 11th.
Album Title Found….still remaining secretive about it…for a while 🙂

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New Looks for the New CD!

We went out to Fort Steele on Wednesday. A picture perfect day it was and so we had some new photos taken by Frida Viklund. Seeing as Sven, our esteemed drummer, didnt join the band until a little after our last set of pics were taken, we thought it was high time!
check out the sneak peaks.
Pretty excited about it all.
The new cd is on its final stages of getting reproduced and a wee reminder: JUNE 11th is our CD release Concert at the Key City Theatre in Cranbrook.

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CD Release

So, after much hustle-and-bustle, our CD release concert has been delayed. The major reason for this is that we saw a great opportunity for a three-band CD release show, and June 11th at the Key City Theatre in Cranbrook was a date that worked. So, in addition to redGirl’s debut record, Heather Gemmell and 60 Hertz will also be playing in support of their albums. Three bands, three albums, one great night of music. We are having a little bit of trouble naming this event however, and suggestions are appreciated. Ideas so far: Three for the Show, Three Piece Suit, Tres for the Show, 3-D release. And then there are the ridiculous ones: 60 Gemmell Girls, Girl Hertz Heather, Heather Hertz Girl, etc. etc. Hope to see you there, whatever it’s called.

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CD release announced

Hey there redGirl-ites. Mix-down is nearing completion and we are very excited about the release of our first EP. CD release concerts are on April 1 and 2 at the Stage Door in Cranbrook. Details to be leaked at appropriate times, including all sorts of potential awesomeness for the faithful: Track listings, snippets of audio, a peak at the cover art. All this and more could be yours if you check back here.

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Looking off in two directions

Gimme Shelter (Nov. 20 at The Key City Theatre in Cranbrook) was a hugely successful event. Plenty of money was raised for the Cranbrook men’s shelter, and redGirl closed off a great evening of music with some new and already-loved tunes, including some material from the upcoming EP. Looking ahead: we are currently mixing down our new EP, scraping the ice off our instruments for rehearsals, and planning for a release party in early 2011.

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Salmon Hymn mp3

For those of you looking for a copy of the new, click on the text here » salmon hymn .

If you want to be notified of our upcoming EP release (due out in early 2011) and concert notifications, you can sign up for our newsletter form below:

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the redGirl wins a prize!

Hello All,

salmon hymn perfrmance-October 3, 2010

I was thrilled with news on Thursday morning that I had won a Songwriting contest for the Adams River “Salute to the Salmon” contest!! The honor was overwhelming! I was completely flabbergasted as I packed up my kids and picked up my fabulous friend Shawna on Friday morning, so we could preform said song in the Opening Ceremonies at the Adams River just yesterday afternoon.

It was an incredible experience all around.

Many Thanks to my sister, Monika Wilson and her family for putting us up, and putting up with us and for singing her heart out with me; to Shawna Plant-for an epic journey into the Incredible Salmon Return experience on so many levels of heart and time, to Lisa Smith who sang harmonies, to Angelina Wells of Pemberton/Curry Band for her willingness and gift of drumming shared with us at the performance, to Marion Barschel and Sheryl MacKay of CBC for their wonderful support and to Jim Cooperman -the coordinator of the whole amazing day-o

So, if any of you are interested: I am posting with both the mp3 version of the song, as well as the lyrics below for you to enjoy.

Thanks for all the encouragement!!!

-Anie (a little sleepy after a weekend of total whirlwind!!!)

Click here to listen in: Salmon Hymn (mp3)


(please use only with permission)

Salmon Hymn
A. Hepher, 2010

The winds have turned the sunburned leaves
vanilla hills grow brittle coats
a last strong cry to face the winter
rise up from their crimson throats

their breaths like songs dancing on water
Adams River drums in time,
the current draws them fiercely under
the season of innocence flies

A flash of red
the waters churn
against the flow a steady burn
life has come: death’s on its turn
salmon run, sockeye salmon run

russet, ruddy, raw and weary
yearning for the end of journey
beyond the eastbound enemy
on to glory land

home’s a smell on all lost waters,
coming closer every day.
come now onward-glistening warrior
back to your remembered place

A flash of red
the waters churn
against the flow a steady burn
life has come: death’s on its turn
salmon run, sockeye salmon run

So gather ’round, you’re not alone now
let the Mother safely guide,
to join the honored: join the sacred
return to us, as legends cry

A flash of red
the waters churn
against the flow a steady burn
life has come: death’s on its turn
salmon run, sockeye salmon run

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