Redgirl small smiles distillers 2018 RedgirlDuo-2017-withLogo-med better steamboat Roayl Alex FUll Band stage playing some old time with Chris Coole (photo credit Troy Cook) gillbilly2016-poster-v2

bluegrass brunch Easter

RA Karl-Sommerfeldt

RA Karl-Keith-and-Anie

RA Keith-Larsen-681x1024

RA Steve-Jones

RA AnieHepher

RA Anie-Hepher

RA- Mike-Hepher

Roayl Alex FUll Band stage

Royal Alex Full Band

redgirl library 2014

foggy night

hogtown boys poster

redgirl january 2014

Anie Loclas January 2014

Redgirl 2014-Rod Wilson

better steamboat

Mike at Clawhammer

with jenny lester

redgirl at Clawhammer Gallery, Fernie, BC

just the three of us, redgirl. (Photo credit Micheline Ryckman)

Mike and Steve at Clawhammer (photo credit Rod Wilson)

playing some old time with Chris Coole (photo credit Troy Cook)

"Bury me beneath the willow "with jenny lester (photo credit Yori Jamen)

Blugrass Jam in Cranbrook with "Sheva" (photo credit Rod Wilson)

redgir...l from the Archives of 2011 (photo credit Frida Viklund)

mike and guitar (photo credit Frida Viklund)

Anie and guitar (photo credit Frida Viklund)

steve and bass (photo credit Frida Viklund)

Mike Hepher

mike and anie ((photo credit M. Ryckman)

Anie and Gibson (photo credit Rod Wilson)


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  1. We were at the Three for the Show concert and really enjoyed ourselves, especially your sets. Thank you. That was a great idea bringing the three diverse groups together for a great night of local entertainment.

    Only one issue we’d like to share. where are the printed lyrics to the songs. We have Miles To Go and One Small Acre and both those have the lyrics included. We find that very helpful. Can we get the lyrics for One Match Fire. Thanks for considering our feedback; it is meant to be constructive. We do appreciate you. We hope to come back to Cranbrook after your year in Fernie. Blessings.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Chris & Gerry, we appreciated everyone coming out.

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