CD Release

So, after much hustle-and-bustle, our CD release concert has been delayed. The major reason for this is that we saw a great opportunity for a three-band CD release show, and June 11th at the Key City Theatre in Cranbrook was a date that worked. So, in addition to redGirl’s debut record, Heather Gemmell and 60 Hertz will also be playing in support of their albums. Three bands, three albums, one great night of music. We are having a little bit of trouble naming this event however, and suggestions are appreciated. Ideas so far: Three for the Show, Three Piece Suit, Tres for the Show, 3-D release. And then there are the ridiculous ones: 60 Gemmell Girls, Girl Hertz Heather, Heather Hertz Girl, etc. etc. Hope to see you there, whatever it’s called.

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